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Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities available at UMass Amherst, and one of the best ways to broaden your college education. UMass Amherst sponsors more than 300 programs in more than 70 countries around the world. You will surely find something -- and somewhere -- of interest!

How do I begin? Explore the International Programs Office (IPO) website. Set up an account through their website and attend an informational session. When you have chosen classes at the institution overseas, set an advising appointment in the Political Science department to get your ICAF form approved.

Study Abroad Profiles

Professional development is always on the mind of Deborah Kick ’15. That’s one of the reasons she decided to pursue an internship abroad instead of settling for the typical exchange student study abroad experience.

“I wanted to apply what I learned in my major classes to the professional world,” she says “specifically, to see how much the legal and political theories I have learned about are applicable to the ‘real world.’”


Ever since I was little I have dreamed of studying abroad. I was born in Venezuela but throughout my life, I’ve moved around quite a bit, so moving or a change of environment is not something scary to me, it’s rather quite exciting. When I lived in the Caribbean for a few years, I attended an International School where I fell inlove with cultures and diversity. Thus, when I came to America and found out about studying abroad, I couldn’t resist!

The most critical skill developed abroad is the ability to adapt, says Brent Ramsey ’13, a political science major who spent his Spring 2012 semester at the University of Torino in Italy. Indeed, being flexible with new cultures, learning environments, political settings, and languages opens doors to new experiences; living away from family and friends in an unfamiliar environment forces students to act, to become problem-solvers, and to appreciate the differences and similarities between the US and the new culture in which they find themselves. “After immersing myself in an entirely new environment for a semester, I now feel like I can live and work anywhere and for however long as I want or need to,” Ramsey says.


I chose to study abroad because of my mother’s extensive experience traveling abroad; if you open yourself up to a new place, it changes you into a more confident and understanding individual. It’s a learning experience that anyone can get so much out of.