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If wisely chosen, an internship can help you to gain invaluable skills and knowledge that can serve as a stepping-stone in your career. You can find an internship anywhere: locally, a major city (such as Boston or Washington, DC), or abroad. Yet it is important to remember that seeking and undertaking an internship requires a lot of initiative on your part.  While there are a wide range of opportunities for majors, take care to find the right one that gives you maximum benefits.

Find more information about academic requirements and expectations for an internship on the Current Students Resources page.

Internship Placements

How to Find an Internship


  • Jerome Mileur Internship Fund/Scholarship (Political Science) - This scholarship was established to support students who pursue internships in Washington DC. Preference is given to students who intern with elected officials or political parties.  Learn more.
  • Merriam Internship Scholarship (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences) - The award provides financial support to undergraduate students who have an interest in public policy, law, ecological conservation, and/or real estate development for summer or semester-long internships. Learn more.
  • SBS Internship Award (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences) - Supports SBS students who will complete unpaid internships in the summer or fall. Candidates must be in good academic standing with at least 45 credits. Learn more.

Internship Profiles

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When I first got into the office, I was told by the receptionist that I had to wait until someone came to get me. I sat on the comfortable couches and watched CNBC on four different television screens. After ten minutes of waiting in the receptionist’s area, Michael Kaplan, who is vice president of investments at Joseph 

Jennifer Brown

I found my internship to be an amazing experience. I was able to get a real feel for the legal field and how the judicial system works. My first hand experience taught me a lot of new things, and reinforced what I learned in my classes at UMass Amherst.

Nicholas Do

Nicholas Do'12 (Legal Studies) interned with the Maryland Public Defender's Office in Summer 2011. He learned a number of things on the job, but, perhaps most important, was his insight into what justice means within our legal system:

Henry Yuan

I was chosen to be in the Energy and Environment program at ACUS. My major responsibilities included conducting research on transatlantic cooperation and supporting the activities of the deputy directors; producing the daily energy and environment news brief; coordinating informal and discussion series and taking responsibility for recruiting speakers; managing program contacts and attending the Council roundtables, strategy sessions and congressional hearings. 


My work varied from day to day, but it was mostly writing based. I often attended conferences about shale gas, energy, the European Union economy and budget, Polish youth movements, Polish-Lithuanian relations, and the political situations in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. I wrote short reports about each conference and passed them on to the foreign service officers whose line of work encompassed that particular topic.