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Political Science Scholarships

Please find Political Science Department scholarships below.
As a Political Science major you may be eligible for these scholarships AND MORE.

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Application deadline: March 8, 2018

Political Science Scholarship 

Luther Allen Scholarship
The Luther Allen Scholarship is named in honor of Political Science Emeritus Professor Luther A. Allen, who taught at UMass from 1952 until his retirement in 1985. It supports undergraduate students in good academic standing with demonstrated interests in international relations and Francophile studies, including French-speaking nations and/or provinces.
Award: $500-$800

Jean S. Briggs Scholarship
The Jean S. Briggs Scholarship recognizes an academically worthy individual who is a full-time matriculated student with demonstrated financial need and pursuing an undergraduate degree majoring in either political science or legal studies and or one of the music programs in the Department of Music and Dance. Eligible students must be at least a sophomore (by credits), possess a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater, a demonstrated continuous record of community service to his/her home community, Amherst and its environs, and/or the University.
Award: $1634

David A. Booth Scholarship
The David A. Booth Scholarship was established in memory of Political Science Professor David A. Booth. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming (freshman or transfer) minority student from an urban area.
Award: $500

Dennis Crowley Scholarship
The Dennis Crowley Scholarship is granted to a junior or senior political science major with financial need and a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in criminal justice.
Award: $2000-$4000

Feder Family Scholarship
The Feder Family Scholarship was established by Daniel Feder ’84 and his family to support political science students interested in studying American political thought or who wish to conduct research with political science faculty in the areas of American politics or American political thought. Recipients must have a GPA of 3.5 or greater.
Award: $1000

Edwin A. Gere, Jr Scholarship
The Edwin A. Gere, Jr. Scholarship for the Study of State and Local Government was established by Steve Etkin ’81 in honor of Political Science Professor Emeritus Ed Gere, an outstanding professor of public administration and state and urban politics and a heroic pilot in WWII and the Berlin Airlift. Students must demonstrate an academic and professional interest in state and local government and politics. Students who wish to intern abroad in order to learn about state and local governments in other countries are welcome to apply.
Award: $600-$1200

Sheldon Goldman Scholarship
The Sheldon Goldman Scholarship was established to honor Professor Goldman for his nearly 50 years of teaching, service and research in the Department of Political Science and to celebrate his promotion to Distinguished Professor. It is designed to provide assistance to a Political Science and Legal Studies junior or senior who has demonstrated excellence in Public Law and Judicial Politics. The recipient must have a GPA of at least 3.5.
Award: $500-$1000

George Goodwin, Jr. Scholarship
The George Goodwin, Jr. Scholarship is given annually to an academically strong Political Science major who has expressed and demonstrated an interest in a career in public service. The scholarship was established by George Cole ’56 ‘62G and faculty in the department of political science to honor a great teacher and colleague. Strong consideration will be given to an applicant’s GPA in the Political Science major.
Award: $500-$1500

Nathaniel B. Hill Debating Fund
The Nathaniel B. Hill Debating Fund was established in honor of Nathaniel B. Hill, Captain of the 1934 Debate Team, to recognize an outstanding debater each year. Recipients must be Political Science and Legal Studies majors and members of the UMass Debate or UMass Mock Trial teams.
Award: $500

Paul and Lynn Hohenberger Scholarship
The Paul and Lynn Hohenberger Scholarship was established by Paul (’87) and Lynn Hohenberger to support Political Science or Legal Studies majors with connections to Holyoke, MA. The recipient must demonstrate financial need and be eligible for university financial aid. Preference is given to students who reside in or were born in Holyoke, but students who have interned or volunteered in the city, currently work there, or have demonstrated an interest in the city in some other way are encouraged to apply and explain their connection to the city in their essay. 
Award: $1500

Jerome M. Mileur Internship Fund
The Jerome M. Mileur Internship Fund was established in honor of Political Science Professor Emeritus Jerry Mileur’s retirement. It is designed to support undergraduate students majoring in Political Science who pursue internships in Washington, D.C., especially internships with elected officials or political parties.
Award: $1000-$2000

Tracey Lee Maker Memorial Scholarship
The Tracey Lee Maker Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time Political Science major on the basis of, first, demonstrated financial need and, second, outstanding academic achievement. Recipients are normally selected during their Sophomore or Junior years, making scholarship funds available the following year.
Award: $500

Sheldon E. and Joan S. Smith Scholarship for Public Service
The Sheldon E. and Joan S. Smith Scholarship for Public Service was established by Grant ’81 and Melissa (Smith) ’80, ’85 MPA Peacor. It is designed to provide assistance to a deserving junior or senior year student majoring in political science who is interested in pursuing a career in public service at the federal, state, or local level. The recipient must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and preference is given to a student with active involvement/volunteer work at the University or in his/her community and who has interests in public policy.
Award: $1500

UWiL Scholarship
UMass Women into Leadership (UWiL) is a professional development program and networking opportunity, designed to provide hands-on training and practical preparation to woman for a career in public leadership. This scholarship is given to a top performing Political Science or Legal Studies major who has successfully completed the UWiL program. Students currently in good standing in the program are also eligible to apply.
Award: $500


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