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Matthew C. MacWilliams

Matthew C. MacWilliams



University of Massachusetts, PhD., 2016; University of Pennsylvania, BA. Benjamin Franklin Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa


My research interests include American authoritarianism, campaigns, public opinion, political psychology, legacy and social media, election forecasting, the politics of climate change and health care reform, and interest group lobbying of the judiciary.

My work on American authoritarianism and Donald Trump has appeared in Politico, Vox, and the London School of Economics blog. It has been cited in media around the world including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Atlantic, and NPR. Peer-reviewed publications on authoritarianism are forthcoming (fall 2016) in PS: Political Science and Politics, from the Amherst College Press, and from Praeger Publishing.

I have been invited to serve as the Senior Research Advisor (2017-2019) to the upcoming Gallup worldwide survey on authoritarianism and am analyzing the rise of authoritarianism in Europe for the Open Society Initiative. I will present on American and European authoritarianism at the GLOBESEC TATRA Summit on "The Future of Europe" in late October, 2016.



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