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In Progress:

Young, Kevin. Fragile Power: Private Sector Lobbying and Global Banking Regulation. Book manuscript in preparation.

Pagliari, Stefano and Young, Kevin. “With Friends Like These:  Explaining the Mobilization of Non-Financial Corporations over Financial Regulatory Policy”, Currently Under Review at Peer-Reviewed Journal.

Chalmers, Adam and Young, Kevin. “Social Influence, Regulatory Preferences, and Financial Industry Lobbying in the European Union”, Currently Under Review at Peer-Reviewed Journal

Henriksen, Lasse, Seabrooke, Leonard and Young, Kevin. "Epistemic Rivals in the Economics Profession", Unpublished manuscript in preparation for a peer-reviewed journal. 

Scott, James, Pagliari, Stefano and Young, Kevin. "Still a Battle of the Systems? Mapping Financial Ecologies in Europe Using Text Reuse", Unpublished manuscript in preparation for a peer-reviewed journal. 

Young, Kevin, Desmarais, Bruce, Marple, Tim and Heilman, James. "The vices and Virtues of Closeness to Regulators: The Conditional Properties of Elite Network Ties in the Financial Sector", Unpublished manuscript under consideration at a peer-reviewed journal. 

Young, Kevin and Spagna, Irene. “Regulation Under the Influence? An Analysis of Rulemaking by the Securities and Exchange Commission”,  Unpublished Manuscript.

Young, Kevin and Gandrud, Christopher. “Speaking Under Scrutiny: An Analysis of Federal Reserve Speeches”, Unpublished manuscript.

Young, Kevin and Gandrud, Christopher. “Creating Scrutiny Indicators: A Change Point Exploration of Congressional Scrutiny of the US Federal Reserve”, Unpublished Manuscript.