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Principal Investigator, A National Center for Digital Government: Integrating Information and Institutions, National Science Foundation. Grant funded the building of global research capacity in an emerging field of national importance; supports research program on interorganizational collaboration in governance arrangements, doctoral fellowships, field building activities and other research. NSF grant nos. 0131923 and 0630239

Principal Investigator, Developing a National Web-based Clearinghouse for Ethics in Science and Engineering. NSF grant. (2009-2012)

Principal Investigator, International Dimensions of Ethics in Science and Engineering Education. Grant funds the development and implementation of ethics materials for graduate scientists and engineers. NSF grant no. 0734887 (2007-2010)

Co-principal Investigator, Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education, Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance grant. Grant funds outreach to underrepresented community college students to encourage their participation in IT academic programs and careers. NSF grant nos. 0634412 and 0837739. (2007-2009)

Sr. Researcher, Lead, Societal Implications of Nanotechnology Research Group, part of the NSEC: Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing award. Grant funds three national workshops on nanoscience and society. NSF grant no. 0531171 (2007-2011)

Principal Investigator, Emergent Technologies and Public Policy Workshop on Nanotechnology, Research Leadership in Action grant, Office of the Vice Provost for Research, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Grant provides additional support for NSEC nanoscience and society
workshop. (2007) 

Working Group Member, Democracy Deficit. (2006-2009) NSF Grant provides doctoral student support

Working Group Member, Digital Government in Transnational and Multi-jurisdictional Policy Domains: A North American Framework for Comparative Analysis, NSF grant no. 0540069 (2007- 2009)

Co-principal Investigator, Connecting to Congress project. Grant funds research on congressional use of information and communication technologies. NSF grant no. 0429365 (2004-2006). Stepped down in 2005.

Principal Investigator, Developing a Basic Social Science Research Program for Digital Government, National Science Foundation. Grant supported a national workshop to build a research agenda for social, political and organizational research on information technology and governance; guided development of a new research area at NSF; and an edited volume based on the workshop papers. NSF grant nos. 0630237 and 0203085 (2001-2004)

Co-principal Investigator, Women in Information Technology Workplaces: A Study of Women Computer Science Degree Recipients in the Software Industry, National Science Foundation. Grant funds empirical research on women computer scientists in the software industry. NSF grant nos. 0196431 and 0089965 (2000-2001)

Director, Women in the Information Age Project. Gift from PricewaterhouseCoopers to research participation rates, institutional practices, and gender in information technology-related fields. (1999)

Numerous internal University of Massachusetts and Harvard University grants to support research