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My solo-authored work (including a book manuscript and several papers) employs a policy feedback framework to analyze how American political institutions grapple with inequities in educational settings, and how policy design and implementation matter for social change. Using archival data and quantitative data, I explore how political battles over the implementation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 shifted social and political understandings of sex and gender, as well as the intersecting understandings of race, sexuality, class, and physical ability.  I argue that battles over the implementation and meanings of the law’s application to athletics have recursively altered political meanings of sexed bodies as well as political repertoires of gender.  In addition to a book manuscript, several articles from this research are currently under review and forthcoming.


Elizabeth Sharrow, Jesse Rhodes, Tatishe Nteta, and Jill Greenlee.  N.d. "The First Daughter Effect: The Impact of Fathering Daughters on Men’s Preferences for Gender Equality Issues."  Public Opinion QuarterlyForthcoming.

Druckman, James, Jacob Rothschild, and Elizabeth Sharrow.  N.d. "Gender Policy Feedback: Perceptions of Sex Equity, Title IX, and Political Mobilization Among College Athletes."  Political Research Quarterly. Forthcoming. DOI: 10.1177/1065912917753078

  • Featured at the Gender Policy Report at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs
  • Featured at the blog of the Women's Sports Foundation

Nteta, Tatishe, Elizabeth Sharrow and Melinda Tarsi.  2018.  “Burying the Hatchet?: Elite Influence and Public Opinion on the Washington Redskins Controversy.”  Social Science Quarterly 99(2): 474-489.

  • Featured at the Monkey Cage.

Sharrow, Elizabeth.  2017.  “'Female Athlete' Politic: Title IX and the Naturalization of Sex Difference in Public Policy."  Politics, Groups, and Identities 5(1): 46-66. 

Sharrow, Elizabeth, Dara Strolovitch, Michael Heaney, Seth Masket and Joanne Miller.  2016.  “Gender Attitudes, Gendered Partisanship: Feminism and Support for Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton among Party Activists.”  Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy 37(4): 394-416.

  • Featured at Vox's Mischiefs of Faction

Kenney, Sally J., Kathryn Pearson, Debra Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Sharrow.  2009.  “Are We Progressing Toward Equal Representation for Women in the Minnesota Legislature?  New Evidence Offers Mixed Results.”  Center for Urban and Regional Affairs Reporter 39: 39-47.

Working Manuscripts

  •  “A ‘Bridge to our Daughters’: Title IX Fathers and Policy Development.”  (Elizabeth Sharrow). Forthcoming in the edited volume, Family, State, and American Political Development, edited by Julie Novkov and Carol Nackenoff.  


  • Allowed to Play but not to Win: Title IX and the Political Constructions of Sex and Gender in Public Policy. (Elizabeth Sharrow). Book manuscript in preparation.


  • "Sex Segregation as Policy Problem." (Elizabeth Sharrow ).  Under review.


  • "Helping to Break the Glass Ceiling? Fathers, First Daughters, and Presidential Vote Choice in 2016."  (Jill Greenlee, Tatishe Nteta, Jesse Rhodes, and Elizabeth Sharrow). Invited to Revise and Resubmit.


  • “Just Locker Room Talk? Gender, Hostile Sexism, and the 2016 Access Hollywood Tape.” (with Tatishe Nteta, Jesse Rhodes, and Jill Greenlee).  To be presented at APSA 2018.


  • “Cutting Family Ties: The Limits of Fathering Daughters on Congressional Behavior."  (with Mia Costa, Jill Greenlee, Tatishe Nteta, and Jesse Rhodes).  Presented at APSA 2017, in preparation for journal submission.


  • “What’s in a Name? Symbolic Racism and the Washington Redskins Naming Controversy.”  (with Tatishe Nteta and Melinda Tarsi).  In Preparation.


  • “The Politics of College Sport: How Gender and Race Complicate Reform.” (with James Druckman).  Data collection in progress.


Public scholarship and blogs:

Sharrow, Elizabeth. 2018.College Athletes: Politically aware and prepared to mobilize on gender inequalities, new study finds.”  Women’s Sports Foundation. (March 23, 2018).

Sharrow, Elizabeth, Tatishe Nteta, and Melinda Tarsi.  2017.  " What would change public opinion on whether the Redskins' name is offensive?"  Monkey Cage Blog at The Washington Post. (July 11, 2017).

Sharrow, Elizabeth.  2017. "Papers for the present: Government archives and remembering the past." Parameters: Social Science Research Council Digital Culture Program. (June 21, 2017).

Sharrow, Elizabeth and Michael Heaney.  2016. “Democrats and Republicans are as divided about gender discrimination as they are about everything else.”  Vox’s Mischiefs of Faction (July 18, 2016).