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Assistant Professor Stuart Shulman has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for support of his project entitled "Workshop: YouTube and the 2008 Election Cycle in the United States, April 3-4, 2009".

The spectacular recent success of state-funded preschool education is revealed and explained in this absorbing study. A quiet revolution has been underway in American education policy since 1995, with forty-one states and the District of Columbia creating some form of state-funded preschool learning. Brenda K. Bushouse tells why it became politically advantageous for state legislators to support universal access to preschool programs and how political and budgetary stability was achieved to spur this initiative.

Dr. Stuart Shulman is a UMass Amherst political scientist with a track record as a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant writer. Since fall 2000, he has received ten NSF awards with total project funding of close to four million dollars. Dr. Shulman reviews individual NSF proposals from multiple cross-cutting NSF divisions and has served on a NSF proposal review panel. In this talk he will introduce the fundamentals of good NSF grant writing.

This talk is open to UMass graduate students and faculty across the disciplines and lunch will be served.

Since 2000, the Bunche Institute has been hosted and co-sponsored by Duke University, under the direction of Dr. Paula D. McClain. It is also supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, with operational cooperation and assistance from the American Political Science Association.

His grants were renewed through the JEHT Foundation for a follow-up study of how public financing of elections affects who decides to run for office and how politics in the state changes under this kind of reform.  The study focuses on Connecticut where Clean Elections were implemented for the 2008 elections

Through the Karl W. Deutsch Guest Professorship the WZB seeks to honour
the life and accomplishments of one of its long-time Directors, Karl W.
Deutsch (1912 – 1992). Karl W. Deutsch emigrated to the United States in
1938 and was a Professor of Political Science at a number of American
universities, the last being Harvard. He served as a Director at the WZB from
1975 through 1987. The WZB welcomes social scientists with strong research