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How prejudice by whites may keep black college sports stars from getting paid.


Tatishe Nteta's discusses racial resentment and the opposition to paying college athletes. 

Vice Sports article features work by Tatishe Nteta and Lauren McCarthy.

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We are delighted to congratulate our very own Peter Haas as the 2017-18 ISSR Scholar. Professor Haas plans to further his study on Global Sustainability Through Issue Coupling. He will pursue research and grant proposal writing on this topic.  

Professor Musgrave speaks of recent conspiracies live on CNN. Musgrave says President Trump is using conspiracy theories to synthesize political support for his administration.

Professor Musgrave featured in MassLive commenting on President Trump's Russian connections.

Professors Schaffner and Rhodes co-author How Wealthy Donors Drive Aggressive Foreign Policy. In the article, findings show that wealthy Americans and elite donors are more "favorably disposed" to American military force than the average Americans are. 

Professor Paul Musgrave featured on 22 News discussing Russian spy ship off the coast of Connecticut. The ship is reportedly part of a routine game great powers play where they listen to their rivals and try to gain an advantage through electronic spying. 


Professor Paul Musgrave is featured in The Washington Diplomat--an article on Sec. of State Rex Tillerson.

“White males have overwhelmed the judiciary in the past.” -Professor Goldman

Professor Sheldon Goldman has been featured in New York Times (2/14/17).
Goldman comments on Obama's ability to appoint about 40 percent of the federal judiciary and, as of February 2016, white men were no longer the majority of federal judges. 

Professor Blinder is featured in the Christian Science Monitor.

He comments on 84 Lumber's controversial Super Bowl commercial: "People of all political stripes start to sound a little bit different when you talk about particular immigrants..."