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Maria Robles ‘12 (Political Science) was one of fifty students selected nationally to attend the inaugural Latinos on the Fast Track (LOFT) Actionable Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. in September. “Attending the LOFT Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. was a once in a lifetime experience,” Robles said. “I had never been to Washington D.C. before, so seeing all of [the] historic pieces to our nation was just lovely.”

“I was skeptical about attending UMass Amherst because it’s a state school,” says Mello Barros ’12 (political science/accounting). “It didn’t take long for me to realize that I’d made a great decision. Internationally, UMass has an outstanding reputation—and I know this firsthand from my study abroad experience. Amherst has been ranked the best college town in the US, and anyone who lives here will see why. UMass has been a terrific experience at a price that really can’t be beat.”

Nina Siulc, assistant professor of legal studies, has been elected to the board of directors for the Consortium of Undergraduate Law and Justice Programs (CULJP).  The Consortium, which was formed in 2003, "is an organization for colleges and universities that have interdisciplinary programs geared toward undergraduate education about law and justice in the United States and Internationally."  Siulc will serve on the board for two years.

For more information about the Consortium, visit their website.

Amel Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Political Science, recently launched The website, which was funded in part by a Healy Endowment Grant, uses Google Earth to visually display electoral data by district in Egypt. 

The Art of Conflict Transformation program unveiled new mural at the Dunbar Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.  It depicts the ideas and aspirations of young people from Mason Square and was painted by around 40 of them along with muralists from Belfast who had come to share their experiences of working to change conditions of injustice and war into a society of equals living in peace.  The program, which is directed by professor Leah Wing, uses art to explore the transition to peace in Northern Ireland/the north of Ireland and the ties it has to lives closer to home.

The Legal Studies program welcomed two new faculty this semester: Lauren McCarthy and Daniel LaChance. Professor LaChance and McCarthy's research represent both the growing international focus of the Legal Studies program, as well as its focus on the societal implications of law.

Stuart Shulman, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Qualitative Data Analysis Program, received an award for "Outstanding Information Technology-Related Work" at the 2011 American Political Science Association (APSA) annual conference in Seattle, WA.

Several members of the Department of Political Science presented new research at the American Political Science Association conference September 1-4, 2011 in Seattle.  Their papers are detailed below, and the complete program is avaialble at APSA's website.

Professor Bushouse was awarded The 2011 Virginia Hodgkinson Research Prize for her book Universal Preschool: Policy Change, Stability and the Pew Charitable Trusts (2009 SUNY Press).  The award from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action recognizes Bushouse’s contributions to both the study of philanthropy and public policy.  In her award letter, the committee of interdisciplinary nonprofit and philanthropy scholars noted, “we were impressed by your strong and well-considered discussions of the policy implications of your findings.”  There will be

Jon Western, Five College associate professor of international relations and Peter Haas, professor of political science, have received a grant from Five Colleges, Incorporated to examine issues surrounding global leadership in an increasingly complex world.