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Tomasz Dvorak a Political Science Major Takes Part of the Pop-Up Art Installment for Earth Day!

As Earth Day 2021 approached, a peculiar object began to take shape on the campus of UMass Amherst. The timing was apt, as the structure, a 24-foot-diameter art installation called Earth! One, is also a message about the imminent dangers of climate change and the hope it can inspire to combat it. A multidisciplinary effort, Earth! One brought together students from the Department of Theater in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts; the School of Public Policy; the Department of Political Science; the Department of Environmental Conservation; and the School of Earth & Sustainability– students who may not normally collaborate on academic projects. “Having Professor Charlie’s class come in and say what if we do it this way, what if we represent it this way, has been a breath of fresh air,” said Tomasz Dvorak, a political science major. (UMass News, 5/6/2021; Video)

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