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Shulman, Smithsonian to "Map and Mine Climate Discourse Online"

Stuart Shulman has received a $50,000 grant from the Smithsonian Institution to develop tools which can rapidly mine public discourse and concerns about climate change. The project, "Mapping and Mining Climate Discourse Online" partners with Rutgers University and Texifter, LLC, a software start-up company founded by Shulman, to increase the functionality of cloud-based text analysis software to better capture public opinion about climate change.  The project will result in a climate change outreach and education platform.  It is part of a larger project funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Dr. Shulman is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the Qualitative Data Analysis Program. He is the sole inventor of the Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT), an open source, Web-based text analysis software project, as well as the Public Comment Analysis toolkit (PCAT) and a new analytic network known as DiscoverText. Dr. Shulman has been the Principal Investigator and Project Director on ten National Science Foundation-funded research projects focusing on electronic rulemaking, human language technologies, manual annotation, digital citizenship, and service-learning efforts in the United States.

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