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Sharrow Receives SBS Research Grant

Elizabeth Sharrow, Assistant Professor of Political Science and History, has received a $7,000 Research Grant from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences for her work on Title IX and the politics of public policy.

"My work focuses on Title IX, one element of U.S. civil rights policy aimed to end sex discrimination in educational institutions," she says. "Unlike policies targeting racial disparities, which research shows continue to prove difficult to successfully implement, Title IX is often framed as the crown-jewel among American civil rights policies."

Indeed, Professor Sharrow notes that statistics show sporting opportunities for women have grown more than twelvefold since the policy's implementation. However, "Despite these statistics," she says, "we know little about how or why this policy has changed U.S. society or politics beyond the domain of education."

The SBS Research Grant will allow Sharrow to gather survey data from those who do and do not benefit from the policy in order to assess public opinion and political engagement. "It will establish if or how Title IX beneficiaries are statistically distinct (in opinion towards the policy, or activism more broadly) from the general population," she says, and is one component of her larger and long-term research agenda on Title IX.

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