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Professor Goldman talks about the President's first year achievement's on the Federal judges

Sheldon Goldman, political science, says President Donald J. Trump has been successful in getting many of his choices for federal judges approved by the U.S. Senate, but it will be more difficult to get highly controversial picks confirmed during his second year in office. This is because the 2018 midterm elections are looming and the Republican majority in the Senate has shrunk to 51-49. “The close we get to the election, there will be a lot of pressure on Republicans up for re-election,” Goldman says, especially if Trump nominates unqualified or highly ideological people. Wall Street Journal

Sheldon Goldman, political science, says one area where President Donald J. Trump has found success in his first year in the White House is in reshaping the federal judiciary. Goldman says, it’s “an absolute triumph. It was one of the highest priorities of this administration and they have taken the ball and run with it. It has been stunning in his first year.” The story notes that the Senate has already confirmed 23 of Trump’s federal judicial nominees compared with 14 in the first year of the Obama administration. (CBC News [Canada], 1/20/18)

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