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Peter Haas presented "Actors and International Environmental Governance: Best and Worst Practices for Improving Climate Change Governance" at the International Relations and Climate Change Conference at Princeton University on February 19, 2011. The presentation sought to develop a research protocol for better understanding best and worst practices for global environmental governance.

With a strong background in Egyptian affairs, Professor Amel Ahmed recent visited WGBY to provide personal insight to the crisis in Tahrir Square and Egypt more generally. Having recently visited Egypt in 2010, Ahmed's on-the-ground experience illuminates a situation clouded in confusion by providing first-hand accounts of the conditions in the challenged state. Embedded below is the interview with WGBY.

Assistant Professor Angelica Bernal has been awarded a Family Research Scholarship from the Center for Research on Families (CRF) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Professor Bernal is one of six faculty chosen for this year's Family Scholars program. 

As a CRF Fellow, Professor Bernal will research "The Impact of Petroleum Contamination, Litigation & Legal Activism on Indigenous Families in Ecuador¹s Amazonian Region."

Ethan Katsh, professor emeritus of Legal Studies, was a keynote speaker at the 10th International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution in Chennai, India from Feb. 7-9. ODR2011 brings "together the world's leading practitioners, academics, theorists, and online negotiation application developers, to share information, and to create a vehicle for ODR education."

Laura Reed, lecturer and director of the department's Interational Relations Program, spoke at the World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts on January 28. Her lecture, "What Next for New START," discussed the significance of the recently ratified strategic arms Treaty. 

Stuart Shulman, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of the UMass-based Qualitative Data Analysis Program, gave lectures on "Measuring Validity in Annotation" at the University of Illinois Chicago and Northwestern University on February 3 & 4.

Recent commentary on the political unrest in Egypt has highlighted the rigorous research and outreach of the Political Science Department. On February 3, the department co-hosted Popular Uprisings in the Arab World: An Open Discussion on Recent Events.

Professor Bruce Desmarais has recently published two articles on political methodology. The first, co-authored with Skyler Cranmer, a political scientist at UNC Chapel Hill, is currently available in the journal Political Analysis. Click here to read "Inferential Network Analysis with Exponential Random Graph Models." (may require journal subscription).

MJ Peterson, Professor of Political Science, has led the development of a series of in-depth case studies, teaching notes, and other instructional materials for use in graduate science, engineering, and public policy classrooms. The work is part of the National Science Foundation project, International Dimensions of Ethics Education in Science and Engineering (IDEESE). 

Jillian Schwedler, associate professor of political science, commented in a story about how King Abdullah II of Jordan appears to be one of the least threatened leaders among the countries in the Middle East facing popular unrest. According to Schwedler, Jordan does not have the same level of dissent that is found in other countries in the region. 

Professor Schwedler is an expert on protest and policing in Jordon. She is currently completing work on a manuscript, tentatively titled Protesting Jordan: Law, Space, Dissent.