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Nteta on "The Power of Reparations"

Tatishe Nteta, Provost Professor of Political Science and Director of the UMass Poll, was interviewed on "Uncounted Millions: The Power of Reparations," the latest episode of the documentary podcast series Reparations Now. Can reparations be a reality for all Black Americans? In New York, the state where the majority of Gabriel Coakley’s descendants now live, the governor has signed a bill creating a task force to consider reparations for formerly enslaved people. It’s the third state to do so. But beyond local considerations, does this debate have real momentum at a national level? In the final episode of “Uncounted Millions: The Power of Reparations,” we take a look at public opinion polling on reparations, along with the dollars and cents of making this a reality across the country. And we return to Gabriel Coakley’s descendants to understand how the family plans to keep alive the legacy he created a century and a half ago. (MSNBC Podcast, 3/14/24)

The UMass Amherst Poll added that support for a federal program paying reparations to descendants of enslaved Americans has declined. (American Renaissance, 2/22/24; News Office release)

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