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Meet Claire Healy Named 2021 UMass Amherst Rising Researchers

This year, persistent UMass Amherst undergraduates adapted to COVID-19 restrictions as they engaged in research, exercised their creativity, and elevated their campus and community. They found ways to thrive, working on campus when permitted and capitalizing on remote research, learning, volunteer, and experiential opportunities. Nine students were named spring 2021 UMass Amherst Rising Researchers, including Political Science Major Claire Healy '21, Commonwealth Honors College. In her first year at UMass, Claire Healy had a grand vision. What if there was an international, multilingual magazine that could create community among young people across borders? The magazine would publish poets, writers, artists, and journalists and its audience would experience a diverse collective of perspectives, artwork, and languages. The first issue of Claire’s dream magazine, The Open, will be published before she graduates from UMass in May. She produced it on a focused foundation of four years of coursework, internships, study abroad, and extracurricular work. (SBS News, 5/25/2021)


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