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A Majority Of Voters Don’t Want Either Joe Biden Or Donald Trump To Run For President In 2024

New UMass Poll results that a majority of voters don’t want either Joe Biden or Donald Trump to run for president in 2024 has received coverage on a number of radio stations. “As President Biden and former President Trump maintain their position as the favorites for their party’s nomination in 2024, a majority of the American public believe that these two soon-to-be-octogenarians may be doing more harm to the nation than good and would support them both stepping away from the political landscape,” says Tatishe Nteta, Provost Professor of Political Science and Director of the poll. “With two years until the 2024 presidential election, it is up to the American public to communicate whether they want to see an electoral sequel to 2020 or if it is time for new voices to lead the nation.” (Bloomberg RadioWBZ Boston , KFI-AM Los AngelesWHO-AM Des Moines , KFBK-AM Sacramento, 10/25/22; WABC-AM New York , WSB-AM Atlanta, 10/26/22; News Office release )

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