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Internship Profile: Matthew Brady '12, Atty General of Rhode Island

How did you find this internship?
I was informed of the internship from a personal reference and followed up my inquiry with my own research of what exactly it would entail.

Why did you decide to pursue an internship?
I want to attend law school after i graduate from UMass and my goal is to become a prosecutor right out of law school.

What were your major responsibilities and/or accomplishments as an intern? 
I was mainly charged with entering data into various computer databases. I also helped compose various legal documents and assemble case files, and I spent an adequate amount of time observing court proceedings in both District and Superior courts with the prosecutors in the office that I worked in.  

What is the most memorable part of your internship?
The relationships and connections I developed, specifically with the prosecutors, clerical staff, and two other interns that I worked with. It was a really special two months for me.

What sort of 'sales pitch' would you use to convince another student to pursue an internship? What advice would you give a prospective intern?  
I would tell someone that if they are interested in learning about the inner workings of our criminal justice system, specifically the relationships that are incorporated on a day to day basis between law enforcement officials and prosecutors, along with those of prosecutors and defense attorneys/public defenders, then it would be an invaluable experience and one that I would do time and time again.

How has your internship changed your UMass Experience? 
It has definitely given me more clarity as to what I want to do after I graduate this spring, and also I gained a lot of overall confidence about myself which will serve me well in my senior year.

Please add any information you think would be useful for a student profile about your internship.  
I was only supposed to work from 830-430, but often caught myself being there later to help if other office personnel were still there. That definitely caught the eye of my supervisors and lead to the immense relationships I developed with such people, as they and I both knew I was not getting paid much to do so, that was simply just my work ethic.


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