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Brian Schaffner featured in the NYT along with graduate student Mia Costa featured in Bustle

Brian F. Schaffner, political science, is featured in two news stories. In a column in The New York Times, a study he did showing that voters who backed Bernie Sanders in the presidential primaries and switched to Donald Trump in the final election were a key to Trump’s victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin is highlighted. Schaffner and doctoral candidate Mia I. Costa, have done a survey of voter attitudes about their member of Congress and have found that women view female representatives as being more competent, having more integrity and representing their district well. They also approve of women representatives more. Men don’t see women and men as different in this area. Republican women get a boost from women while Republican men give lower assessments of women legislators. Democratic men evaluate women representatives more favorably. (New York Times, Bustle, 9/7/17)


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