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Alexander Theodoridis Quoted on Republican Efforts to Pass New Voting Law

Alexander Theodoridis, Associate Professor of Political Science, is quoted in an article about an open letter that he and over 100 other academics signed, in reaction to Republican efforts to pass new voting laws in the wake of the 2020 election.  The letter warns that American democracy is at risk because of the restrictive nature of the new laws, which are being supported by Republican-controlled state legislatures around the country. Theodoridis says “We’ve just witnessed, through [former president Donald] Trump’s big lie, an effort to overturn a free and fair election. And it seems like there are a lot of efforts going on out there in various states to, instead of making it more difficult to overturn the will of the voters, [make] it easier, and that’s very concerning.” (Globe, 6/1/21)

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