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Hope and Fear: Americans’ Emotions about the 2024 Presidential Election

February 27, 2024

Poll Contact: Tatishe Nteta

A Nation in the Grip of Electoral Anxiety: Americans’ Emotions about the 2024 Presidential Election

Working with YouGov, the UMass Poll fielded a survey to a sample of 1064 American adults, which was weighted to be nationally representative of the U.S. adult population. In the survey, we explored Americans’ hopes and anxieties about the 2024 presidential election. Our survey revealed that the 2024 presidential contest, which will almost certainly feature a rematch between Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican former President Donald Trump, is one that relatively few Americans want. Americans express hope for progress on key issues if their preferred candidate wins the election. But they are fearful that a victory by the other party’s candidate could pose a fundamental threat to safety, freedom, and democracy.

Key Takeaways

We found that:

• 45 percent of Americans believe a Biden-Trump rematch is bad for the country

• More than 50 percent of Americans believe it would have been better if both Biden and Trump did not run for president

• The most common emotion expressed toward a Biden or Trump victory is disappointment, followed by fear

• 73 percent of Americans are concerned about violence associated with the 2024 election

• A significant share of Americans believe that a victory by either Biden or Trump will threaten American democracy

• Because negative emotions are highly motivating, voter interest and turnout will likely be high

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