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GFA @ 25: Mural Rededication

The Good Friday Agreement @ 25

Art of Conflict Transformation Spring 2023 Event Series

Celebrating & critically examining the historic 1998 British/Irish peace accord

“Justice, Diversity, and Opportunity” Mural Rededication 
April 10, 1-2:00pm EDST

Video recording of event

Campus Center Lower Level @ the mural
One Campus Center Way, Amherst, MA 01003 (map)


Dr. John Kennedy
, Vice Chancellor for University Relations, University of Massachusetts Amherst (bio) 
Dr. Peter Abbott, OBE, British Consul General to New England (bio)
Dr. Laoise MooreConsul General of Ireland to New England (bio)
Danny Devenny, muralist and former Irish Republican Army prisoner (bio) 
Mark Ervine, British loyalist muralist (bio) 
Dr. Leah Wing, faculty, Legal Studies Program, Department of Political Science (bio)

A celebration of the mural commissioned by UMass as part of peacebuilding efforts to highlight the power of art in conflict transformation. 

The mural was painted in 2010 by members of the UMass community and two of the leading muralists during the North/Northern Ireland conflict and transition to peace: Danny Devenny, an ex-Irish Republican Army political prisoner and Mark Ervine, British loyalist, whose father served in the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force and was a negotiator on their behalf for the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement. 

Sponsored by
Office of the Chancellor, Legal Studies Program, UMass Women into Leadership and Falls Community Council (Belfast)

Thanks for grant funding from the Mass Cultural Council 

Co-sponsored by
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Women for UMass Amherst, Center for Justice, Law, and Societies, Graduate School, Psychology of Peace and Violence Program, Interdisciplinary Studies Institute, SBS Conference and Visitor Grants, Commonwealth Honors College, College of Education, anonymous College of Education faculty member, Modern European Studies Program, Department of Political Science, School of Public Policy, Center for Women & Community, National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, Auxiliary Enterprises, Facility Services, Quabbin Mediation Program; this program was made possible (in part) by a grant from the UMass Arts Council

The Art of Conflict Transformation Event Series brings to UMass scholars, artists, and conflict resolvers to explore the geography of conflict; the spaces in and on which conflict has been imprinted and expressed, and the emerging terrains of resistance, resilience, and transformation.