UMass Amherst Department of Political Science

Placement History

Below is a list of institutions where our PhD graduates have received tenure-track jobs since 2007.


Bridgwater State University 2014 Liberal Arts College
Umass-Boston 2014 Research University
Providence College 2013 Liberal Arts College
Lansing Community College 2012 Community College
Old Dominion Univ. 2012 Liberal Arts College
Middlebury College 2011 Liberal Arts College
Monroe Community College 2010 Community College
Ashland University 2010 Liberal Arts College
Middlesex County College 2010 Liberal Arts College
South Dakoto State University 2010 Research University
U. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point  2010 Research University
Univ. of British Columbia 2010 Research University
Chadron State College 2009 Liberal Arts College
Shippensburg University 2008 Liberal Arts College
Methodist University 2008 Liberal Arts College
Univ. of Hawaii - Hilo 2008 Research University
National University, Bogota 2008 Research University
U. of Minnesota 2008 Research University
Shippensburg University 2008 Research University
McMaster University 2008 Research University
Ramapo College 2007 Liberal Arts College
Ithaca College 2007 Liberal Arts College
U. of Otago, New Zealand 2007 Research University
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