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Recent Publications

Zachary Albert (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Albert, Zachary and David Barney. Forthcoming. "The Party Reacts: The Strategic Nature of Endorsements of Donald Trump." American Politics Research. 2018

Zachary Albert   (Book Chapter) 
Albert, Zachary and Raymond LaRaja. "Political Parties and Policy Analysis." in Policy Analysis in the United States. Ed. Hird, John. Bristol, UK: Policy Press. 2018

Zachary Albert  (Book Chapter)  
Albert, Zachary and Raymond LaRaja. "Campaign Spending" in The SAGE Handbook of Electoral Behavior. Arzheimer, Kai, Jocelyn Evans, and Michael Lewis-Beck. SAGE Publications. 2016

Zachary Albert   (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Rhodes, Jesse H., and Zachary Albert. "The transformation of partisan rhetoric in American presidential campaigns, 1952–2012." 1354068815610968 Party Politics. 2015

David Barney (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Barney, David and Zachary Albert. Forthcoming. "The Party Reacts: The Strategic Nature of Endorsements of Donald Trump." American Politics Research. 2018

Martha Balaguera (Book Chapter)                                                  
Balaguera, Martha. 2016. “Public space without demands: Understanding traveling theory and practice in Occupy and transnational protests,” In: Arab Revolutions and Beyond: The Middle East and Reverberations in the Americas, edited by Sabah Alnasseri, Pal.

Martha Balaguera (Newspaper Op-Ed)
Balaguera, Martha and Alfonso Gonzales. 2018. "On the Migrant Trail, a Refugee Movement Emerges." North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), January 29.

Martha Balaguera (Journal Article, Peer-Reviewed)
"Trans-migrations: agency and confinement at the limits of sovereignty." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, special issue "Displacement." 42:3 (Spring 2018): 641–664

Mia Costa (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)            
Mia Costa, Bruce Desmarais, and John Hird. 2016. “Science Use in Regulatory Impact Analysis: The Effect of Political Attention and Controversy.” Review of Policy Research 33(3): 251-269. April 2016.

Mia Costa (Media publication)
Mia Costa, Brian Schaffner, and Ray La Raja “Republican voters actually aren’t divided into ‘establishment’ and ‘outsider’ camps.” The Washington Post, The Monkey Cage. November 19, 2015.

Usmaan Farooqui (Book Review)
Review of Hydraulic City: Water and the Infrastructures of Citizenship in Mumbai
in Urban Studies 54, no. 12 (2017): 2910 - 2912

Alyssa Maraj Grahame (Book review)
(April 2018). "Book review: Iceland's financial crisis: the politics of blame, protest, and reconstruction." Europe Now.

James Heilman (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Young, Kevin, Marple, Tim and Heilman, James. 2017. “Beyond the Revolving Door: Advocacy Behavior and Social Distance to Financial Regulators”, Business and Politics 19(2): 327-364.

Kevin Anthony Henderson (Encyclopedia Article)
The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies - “Kinship.” May 2016.

Kaylee Johnson (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Jesse H. Rhodes and Kaylee T. Johnson 2016.“Welcoming Their Hatred: Class Populism in Democratic Rhetoric in American Presidential Campaigns, 1932-2012.” Presidential Studies Quarterly.

Kaylee Johnson (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Justin H. Gross and Kaylee T. Johnson 2016. “Twitter Taunts and Tirades: Negative Campaigning in the Age of Trump.” PS: Political Science and Politics.

Alexandria Nylen (Journal Article, peer-reviewed)
Carpenter, Charli and Alexandria Nylen. 2019. "Questions of life and death: (De)constructing human rights norms through US public opinion surveys." European Journal of International Security 4 (2): 142-162. June 2019

Kevin Pallister (Journal Article, Peer-Reviewed)  
Latin American Politics and Society (2013). “Why No Mayan Party? Indigenous Movements and National Politics in Guatemala.” 

Kevin Pallister (Book Chapter) (coauthored with Susan Hyde)
In Routledge Handbook of Comparative Political Institutions, eds. Jennifer Gandhi and Rubén RuizRufino (2014). “Election Administration, Election Observation, and Election Quality.” 

Kevin Pallister (Book)
Election Administration and the Politics of Voter Access, Routledge (2017)

Elif Savas (Book Chapter)
Savas, Elif. "Proper Subjects of Gendered Necropolitics: A Case of Constructed Virginities in Turkey" in Turkey's Necropolitical Laboratory: Democracy, Violence and Resistance, edited by Banu Bargu. Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press, 2019.

Michael Stein (Journal Article) (2018)
The Authoritarian Personality and the Limits of American Social Science South Atlantic Quarterly (2018) 117 (4): 845-860

Candan Turkkan (Journal Article) (2018)
"Feeding The Global City: Urban Transformation And Urban Food Supply Chain In 21st-Century Istanbul"
Journal of Urbanism: International Research on Placemaking and Urban Sustainability.

Alper Yagci (Journal Article, Peer-Reviewed)
Government and Opposition (2016). “The Great Recession, Inequality, and Occupy Protests Around the World.” 

Alper Yagci (Journal Article)
Policy knowledge, collective action and advocacy coalitions: regulating GMOs in Turkey. Journal of European Public Policy (2018).

Gizem F. Zencirci (Online Journal)
European Journal of Turkish Studies, 19 (2014). “Civil Society's History: New Constructions of Ottoman Heritage by the Justice and Development Party in Turkey.” 

Gizem F. Zencirci (Journal Article, Peer Reviewed)
Middle Eastern Studies, 44 (5), 2008. “The Headscarf in Turkey in the Public and State Spheres.”  

Basileus, Zeno (Journal Article, Peer-Reviewed)
Middle East Law and Governance 9, no.3 (2017). “Dignity and Humiliation: Identity Formation Among Syrian Refugees."

Basileus Zeno (Media/Blog Publication) (co-authored with Motaz al-Hinawy)
"Education Controversy in Wartime Syria" in Jadaliyya, January 31, 2018