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Jamie Rowen presented alongside the Director of Colombia's Victims Unit and other invited participants at Universidad del Norte's annual international conference, Catedra Europa, in Barranquilla on March 29th. 

Professor Musgrave, an Amherst resident, says the proposal to create a 60-member town council to replace the town meeting would make the body less representative. Read more here.

Professor Musgrave comments on Trump's willingness to 'flip flop'  his protectionist agenda on BNN.

Professor Schaffner comments on the evidence presented by Republicans to back up their claim of widespread illegal voting in U.S. elections is riddled with small and unrepresentative samples, response errors and other issues that undermine its credibility (Think Progress).

Collins discusses outcomes of the fight over Gorsuch confirmation. He concludes in Bloomberg News that the court, " not a purely legal body".

Professor Collins comments, “In terms of prior precedent, the most relevant would be that the Senate, Democrats ended the filibuster for lower federal court nominees and other executive branch nominees in 2013", in CBS News.

Professor Goldman, "...blames Democrats as the instigators and Republicans as the annihilators", in the debate over the nuclear option in the U.S. Senate in U.S.A. Today.

Paul Collins discusses what effects changing the rules on how U.S. Supreme Court justices are approved by the Senate will have in terms of compromise in U.S. News & World Report.

Professor Nteta co-authored a new study that shows racial prejudice on the debate over whether to pay college athletes. Nteta says racial attitudes play a role in the debate on NPR

Collins is featured in Roll Call  commenting on Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's comments during the Gorsuch hearing.


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