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UWiL Scholarship

UMass Women into Leadership is a professional development program, networking opportunity. Designed to provide hands-on training and practical preparation for a career in public leadership, UWiL is organized around four central components:

  • Leadership training through workshops and professional development activities,
  • Shared community through assigned mentor and networking opportunities,
  • Academic instruction through a spring semester Political Science course, and
  • Applied experience through internships and shadowing, including scholarship support for unpaid or low-paying positions.

This scholarship is given to a top performing Political Science major who has successfully completed the UMass Women into Leadership (UWiL) program. Students currently in good standing in the UWiL program are also eligible to apply. 

Dollar Amount Awarded: 


GPA Requirements: 


Eligibility - Other: 

Requirements: A Political Science major who has successfully completed or will have completed (by the end of the current semester) the Umass Women in Leadership program. 


March 10, 2017


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