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Research Methods

We study and teach a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to conducting political science research. Our areas of expertise include field research, political ethnography, the analysis of political text, public opinion polling, elite interviews, comparative case studies, and the philosophy of social science.

Amel Ahmed

Professor Ahmed's main area of specialization is democratic studies, looking particularly at the politics of institutional choice in the process of democratization.  She has recently completed a book entitled “Democracy and the Politics of Electoral System Choice: Engineering Electoral Dominance (Cambridge University Press) which won the Best Book Award from the European...Read more

My research program has has a lasting focus on the realm of activity that is neither market nor state.  I research both the politics of nonprofit organizations in the policy process (see forthcoming article in Policy Studies Journal) and also the roles nonprofit perform in delivery of services that...Read more

Justin H. Gross

Justin H. Gross holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. His applied research interests are in mass media and political communication, public opinion, and public policy. He works on methodological problems in measurement, text analysis, and network analysis, and is especially interested in methods...Read more

My research interests include international relations, international relations theory, international political economy, international environmental politics, international institutions and global governance.

Current projects include: Book projects on The Evolution of Multilateral Environmental Governance, and on Improving Global Environmental Governance. I am currently a member of the editorial boards of Journal...Read more
Kevin Young

My research focuses on issues germane to international political economy, in particular the politics of financial regulation, transnational policy networks, and the role of private business in shaping global governance. I am particularly interested in analyzing the ways in which regulatory policy is affected by networks of elites and...Read more