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Faculty Research Clusters

Our research is cross-cutting and intradisciplinary. Click on the research clusters below to explore some of the key areas of research in our department.

Our research focuses on the paradoxes, unintended consequences, and hidden costs of efforts to promote democracy. On the...Read more

The UMass Computational Social Science Institute is a cross-disciplinary, collaborative group designed to address the challenges and...Read more

The "Conflict, Violence and Security" research cluster aims to bring together those working in the areas of conflict and conflict ...Read more

We share an interest in the role of science and expertise in the management of complex systems at multiple levels of politics....Read more

The Feminist Politics research cluster explores issues related to gender and politics. Read more

The study of institutions is foundational in political science. We focus on political institutions in a variety of forms, such as legislatures...Read more

What politics means is an open question, but there is no doubt that politics is meaningful. Politics and language are thus inseparable,...Read more

Political processes around the globe are increasingly decentralized. Transnational networks (both criminal and civil), social movements,...Read more

This research cluster grows out of a collaborative research initiative entitled, “Theorizing the Tahrir Moment as a Model/Modality of...Read more

Our interdisciplinary research explores the ways in which institutions and organizations influence, guide, advance, or hinder politics,...Read more

The influx of new immigrants to and from areas such as Latin America, Western Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States and the...Read more

We study and teach a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to conducting political science research. Our areas of expertise...Read more