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Research Assistant for new course on Experiments in Political Science

Conduct background research and aid with the preparation of a new course on Experiments in Political Science. In this course, students will participate regularly in a replication of a published experiments in political science or a related field (psychology or economics) - either in class or online. The primary goal of this undergraduate research position is to gather all the relevant experimental protocols or instruments to be used in the course - i.e.,  the instructions for how to set up the experiment and the exact question wording(s) used and prepare them for use in the course. Protocols will be identified starting from a proposed syllabus, using JSTOR or an existing google drive folder to track down the relevant articles specified for each week. Specific tasks would be:
  1. create a master list/spreadsheet of sessions and experimental topic (from syllabus) to keep track of which protocols are complete
  2. work directly with the instructor on a regular basis to confirm which experiments will be used in which class sessions, and to confirm that accurate protocol information is collected and entered into the correct format (in some cases, protocol information already exists in text form and/or has already been programmed into qualtrics)
  3. extract the protocol information and create a document for each experiment that is saved in google drive
  4. download any missing articles specified on the syllabus into the google drive "readings" folder
  5. prepare final version of protocl for each session, either formatting a pen and paper version or programming into qualtrics (again, prior experience with qualtrics not necessary - only a willingness to invest time needed to learn a new but not particularly difficult computer program) 

2 - 3 Credits



Professor Rolfe

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Research Assistant for new course on Experiments in Political Science


Familiarity with google drive is useful, but not necessary so long as you are willing to learn how to use it.


Fall 2017

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Contact Professor Rolfe at with interest.