UMass Amherst Department of Political Science

Nina Siulc

Assistant Professor of Political Science in Legal Studies

Legal Studies Undergraduate Program Director
Thompson 416
Office Hours: Wednesday, by Appointment Only.
Phone: Email only.

Nina Siulc is a cultural anthropologist and Assistant Professor in the Legal Studies Program. She is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Public Policy and Administration, Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, and Center for Research on Families. 

B.A. in Anthropology and Latin American and Iberian Studies, Bard College; M.A., Advanced Certificate in Culture and Media, and Ph.D, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, New York University

Courses Taught:
Law, Crime, and Society; Evidence, Witnessing, Testifying, and Reporting; Immigration Debates and Public Policy; Seminar on Human Trafficking; Seminar on Freedom; Upcoming: Integrative Experience in Legal Studies: Law, Societies, Global Justice

Current Projects:
I am currently finishing my first book, Unwelcome Citizens: Crime, Deportation, and the Meaning of Freedom, which describes how longtime residents of the United States adjust to life in the Dominican Republic following incarceration and deportation. This spring I will be launching a new longitudinal research project, Children of the Crimmigration Era, which explores the impact of parental deportation on the identity formation and lives of U.S. citizen children whose parents have been removed. I have also been working as an expert data consultant on a class action challenging prolonged detention of noncitizens.

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