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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Appointments

Enrollment appointments are assigned in SPIRE to students each semester. You do not meet with anyone for this appointment, rather it is the specific date/time you gain access to enroll in classes. The enrollment appointment is determined by a student’s potential credit total which includes what you are enrolled in currently. For more information, check the Registrar Appointment Schedule. To check your own enrollment appointment date/time, do the following:

  1. Log into SPIRE
  2. On your Student Center, select the Manage Classes tile. 
  3. On the left side menu, click Enrollment to see your enrollment date/time.

Enrollment Systems

SCHEDULE BUILDER is our preferred tool for building the best class schedule based on your needs. To learn how to use Schedule Builder, use the Schedule Builder Step-by-Step Instructions or meet with one of our Peer Advisors

SPIRE is the University's online information system. Use the SPIRE Tile Map to help navigate the information housed under each tile on your student page. 

Gen-Ed Course Conversations

Basic Math (R1), Analytical Reasoning (R2), Biological Science (BS), Physical Science (PS) 
Your advisors enjoy having conversations about these gen-ed requirements and how to fulfill them. We will take into consideration your interest level and placement scores to help you choose a class in which you can be successful.

Course Override Permission

Students who wish to enroll in a closed or restricted Political Science course must obtain permission from the instructor to be overridden into the class. Contact the instructor via email to kindly request an override. If the instructor offers you a seat in their class, please remember the following:

  • The instructor must submit the Course Override Permission form which is located on the faculty department webpage. You cannot be placed in a class until the instructor completes this form.
  • Once the form is complete, you have a seat in the class. Do not worry if the class is filling as the instructor is able to override the course cap. (Exception: If the entire class is canceled, the change applies to all students, enrolled or overridden.)
  • You will be placed into the class once your enrollment appointment is active.
  • If these steps have been taken and you are still having trouble getting overridden into a class, please contact the Director of Advising for Political Science and Legal Studies, Adrian Grace.

UWW/University+ Enrollment

If you wish to take a UWW/University+ class, the enrollment process and tuition is different than a regular University classes. To learn how to request enrollment access, read UWW How to Enroll as an Undergraduate and look under “Campus Undergraduate Student”. For additional information, read about UWW Enrollment Resources.Please note that first-year students are not allowed to enroll in UWW/Univ+ classes in Fall or Spring.