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Teaching Experience


Teaching Awards

University Distinguished Teaching Award, UMass Amherst, 2013

Residential First Year Experience Student Choice Teaching Award, UMass Amherst, 2012

Instructor of Record, University of Massachusetts Amherst

POLISCI (TBD): Diversity in Action, Spring 2018 

WGSS 295F: Feminist Art(s) of Politics (upper-level seminar), Fall 2015

POLISCI 391AP: Art and Politics (upper-level seminar), Spring 2015

POLISCI 171: Intro to Political Theory (first-year lecture course), Fall 2014

POLISCI 171: Intro to Political Theory (online), Summers 2014-2017, Winter 2017

WGSS 187: Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies (online), Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Biology of Difference

Intro to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Intro to World Politics

Intro to Political Theory

Intro to American Politics

Intro to Political Theory

American Political Thought

Controversies in U.S. Public Policy

Undergraduate Research Mentor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

University Research Engagement Program (UREP), Mentored undergraduate Political Science

majors teaching advanced research skills, Political Science Department, UMass Amherst, 2015-2016