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Gabriel Mares

Gabriel Mares

Professional Title: 

Graduate Student


Thompson 6


Office Hours: 

Summer 2017 - by appointment only


Gabriel Mares entered UMass's PhD program in the Fall of 2013. His primary interests are in political theory, especially as it relates to colonialism and anti-colonialism, ethics in war, punishment, public space, and the uses of history in political theory. His dissertation project, "Just War From Below," re-reads the just war tradition through the lens of decolonial politics. 

At WPSA he has presented "Foucault and Failure: the Leaded Gasoline-Crime Hypothesis as Non-Positivist Social Science" (2017), "Just War Theory After Colonialism and the War on Terror" (2015), and "Revolution and the Foreigner: Ernesto Guevara and Anti-Colonialism in the Plural" (2016). At MPSA he has presented "Ambiguous Inheritance: Edmund Burke and the creation of an anti-colonial canon" (2015), "Going Down to Little Rock: Rethinking Arendt on Education and the Social" (2013), and "Revolution and the Foreigner: Identity, Community, Exclusion" (2012). 

His master's thesis, “Torture's Discourse and the Liberal State in Crisis,” won the Ignacio Martin-Barro human rights essay prize at the University of Chicago in 2011. 

Gabriel became a father in June of 2015. He has already read his son, Julian, to sleep with Thomas Hobbes.