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Current Courses:


Political Science 121  Introduction to World Politics  (General Education Course with SB designation)

Political Science 277 Making a Global World (General Education course with HS designation)

      Syllabus: part 1 goals, policies, and assignment types Download (pdf) (270.48 KB)

      Syllabus: part 2 class schedule and assignmentsDownload (pdf) (930.42 KB)

Political Science 356  International Law (Integrative Experience course)

    Syllabus part 1: goals, policies, and assignments

    Syllabus part 2: class topics and readings

Political Science 357  International Organizations


Political Science 656  International Law
Political Science 724  International Institutions
Political Science 796  Foreign Policy Decision Making

Presentation:  "Why we need theories" at 2012 New Students Orientation. Download (pdf) (224.64 KB)