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Angelica Bernal

Professional Title: 

Associate Professor of Political Science
Director, Academic Fellows Program


Thompson 432



Ph.D., Yale University


I specialize on issues of founding and refounding, popular constitutionalism, and indigenous rights and social movements in Latin America.  I am interested in examining the mechanisms and challenges involved in the creation and recreation of political orders, the significance of constitution-making and the law in processes of extraordinary politics, and the role of popular power and "the people" in enacting and legitimating radical political change.  I recently published a book on foundings titled Beyond Origins: Rethinking Founding in an Age of Constitutional Democracy​ (Oxford University Press 2017), which received the First Book Award, Honorable Mention, from the Foundations of Political Theory section of the American Political Science Association.  Following on this book, I am working on a new project on indigenous protest and resistance against natural resource extraction focusing on the cases of Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.

Area of Study: 

  • Political theory

Curriculum Vitae: 

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  • History of Political Thought; Critical Theory; Indigenous Rights and Social Movements in Latin America; Comparative Constitutionalism


  • Political Science