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Amber B Vayo

Professional Title: 

Graduate Student
Adjunct Professor Worcester State University


Thompson 628


Office Hours: 

Fall 2018 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday noon-1pm, and by appointment


M.S. in Jurisprudence and Social Thought from American University's School of Public Affairs, Washington, DC; M.A in English from Clark University; B.A. in English Literature from Worcester State College


My area of focus is on law's role in constructing, maintaining, an masking inequality.  Particularly, I am interested in the way law and society interact to (re)produce patterns of injustice over time.  . 

Current projects:

  • research the non-clinical determinants of cesarean sections in the US
  • exploring emerging social movements through the lens of the birth rights/obstetric violence movement 
  • researching the Nazi Lebensborn program and the political and legal dimensions of immediate post-war Germany 


Areas of interest:

  • public law
  • law and society
  • social determinants of health
  • political economy
  • political sociology 
  • rhetoric 
  • agenda setting and framing
  • reproductive rights
  • rights claiming
  • teaching and pedagogy
  • constitutional law and comparative constitutional development 
  • pop culture/geek culture (especially science fiction like Doctor Who, Jericho, and Star Trek)
  • law and literature (especially Harry Potter and Shakespeare) 


Courses in Development:

Law-mageddon: An introduction to Law and Society: this course uses post-apocalyptic readings and movies (such as Demolition Man and World War Z) to consider what we think law can and should do.