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George Goodwin, a former member of the Political Science faculty and long-time Amherst resident died at the age of 97. Goodwin had an extremely prominent career: he served as a member of the UMass Amherst faculty, was a major architect of the development of UMass
Boston, and served in a wide array of civic organizations.

Political Science Professor Peter M. Haas delivered the keynote address to the attendees of the thirty-second Annual Congress of the Mexican Association of International Studies (AMEI) on Thursday, October 19. 

Rebecca E. Hamlin, political science, comments in a story about the Trump administration’s efforts to reduce illegal immigration by threatening other counties with funding cutoffs and issuing warnings to migrants they will be treated harshly if they enter the country illegally. 

Paul M. Collins, political science and director of legal studies, comments in two opinion pieces about the recent controversy generated by the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Political Science Professor, Raymond J. LaRaja, was the keynote speaker for a conference sponsored by France's Institute for Strategic Research at the Military School (IRSEM). His topic was "The United States: a power in transition? Trump's America and US Strategic Issues for 2020." 

Associate Professor Kevin Young and Professor Charli Carpenter published an article in International Studies Quarterly this month that has appeared on the journal's "most read" list! The very popular article is entitled, "Does Science Fiction Affect Political Fact? Yes and No: A Survey Experiment on 'Killer Robots".

Political Science Senior, Elena Valenzuela-Stookey wrote an Op-ed piece that was published in the New York Times Opinion Section on October 13. The article, titled "Hello! May I Assist You in Taking on a Lifetime of Debt?" focuses on student debt and is taken from the perspective of her summer student work with the University Helpline. 

Congratulations to Regine Spector, whose book, Order at the Bazaar (Cornell University Press, 2017) has been awarded honorable mention for the Ed A. Hewett Prize for best book on the topic of political economy in Russia, Eurasia  and Eastern Europe (given by the Advancement for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies)

Robert R. Darrow, a doctoral student in political science, comments in a news story about anti-wind farm activists in Europe and why the developing wind energy sector the U.S. could begin to see similar opposition. 

Paul Musgrave, political science, comments in a news story about the possible implications of reports published by Bloomberg that Chinese hackers have planted malicious computer chips in electronic equipment used by top U.S. technology companies.