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In a ceremony Friday, February 10 at the Dominican Republic National Palace, Professor Emeritus Howard J. Wiarda  was awarded the "Orden de Colon" (Order of Columbus) by President Leonel Fernandez. The Orden de Colon is the highest honor that the Dominican Republic government can bestow.

Jaime T. Zagami ’08 (Political Science) supports our troops. This support does not mean hanging yellow ribbons or waving American flags. Instead, her support means a personal and professional devotion to easing the transition from military to civilian life -- especially for those service men and women with post-traumatic or other combat-induced disorders.


For the third year in a row, the Civic Initiative at the UMass Donohue Institute is hosting a month-long summer course designed to bring Pakistani students to the UMass Amherst campus to learn about US-Pakistan politics. The course, a joint Pakistan Embassy and US State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) program, is designed to explore the political, economic, historical, institutional, and cultural issues involved in policy-making in both countries.

"In his study of history and political science, senior Daniel McDonald is making history of his own. Dan has earned an Honors Research Grant to fund self-designed original research that 'provides the first comprehensive view into resistance groups and their effects on post-dictatorship reconciliation in Argentina and Brazil using a comparative approach.' This research grant provides Dan with a unique opportunity to challenge himself academically and to prepare for his desired career."

When asked about her career success-stories, Emily Tarr ’00, who now serves as an International Special Advisor in the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, reflects on “a combination of what I have done right, and some things that I should have done.” Together, these items form a five-step plan for success in the international criminal law field.

Jillian Schwedler, Associate Professor of Political Science, spent January 14 – the anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution – in Le Kef, Tunisia in an attempt to better understand the transformation that has taken place in that country since the Revolution.

Professor Emeritus Jerry Mileur has been awarded an Alumni Achievement Award from the College of Liberal Arts at his alma mater Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The award, presented in the Spring 2011 semester, recognized Professor Mileur's acheivements over a nearly 40 year career as a professor.


My work varied from day to day, but it was mostly writing based. I often attended conferences about shale gas, energy, the European Union economy and budget, Polish youth movements, Polish-Lithuanian relations, and the political situations in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. I wrote short reports about each conference and passed them on to the foreign service officers whose line of work encompassed that particular topic.

Henry Yuan

I was chosen to be in the Energy and Environment program at ACUS. My major responsibilities included conducting research on transatlantic cooperation and supporting the activities of the deputy directors; producing the daily energy and environment news brief; coordinating informal and discussion series and taking responsibility for recruiting speakers; managing program contacts and attending the Council roundtables, strategy sessions and congressional hearings.