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Brenda K. Bushouse, political science and public policy, is co-author of an analysis based on research into how philanthropies are more than charitable organizations, they also play a political role. The authors say foundations are able to set the agenda for policy makers, they use their credibility as experts and they often serve as the anchors of interest group coalitions. 

A) A new poll conducted by UMass Amherst found that a notable percentage of state voters believe both President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and mass media practices played a role in the recent spate of violent incidents across the nation, although a greater number placed responsibility on the president. The UMass Poll also asked voters which media outlets they trust for their political information. 

B) There is national and regional coverage of the most recent findings of the UMass Poll. Politico reports that Sen. Edward Markey could face a strong challenge in 2020 from Maura Healey, the attorney general. Markey fares better against Rep. Seth Moulton. Among potential presidential candidates, Sen. Elizabeth Warren comes in third among Democratic and independent voters in Massachusetts. 

National Rankings Review - College Factual released its 2019 national and state rankings for Best Political Science & Government Programs for Veterans. University of Massachusetts Amherst performed very well in these rankings. UMass Amherst’s Political Science program is ranked #63 out of 590 for veteran friendliness of all colleges and universities reviewed by College Factual.

Political consultant Ryan McCollum and UMass Prof. Justin Gross discusses the impact of celebrity political endorsements on the midterm elections. Western Mass. Network to End Homelessness & Pamela Schwartz believe new legislation can help curb homelessness in Mass. 

An analysis by Charli Carpenter and Kevin L. Young, political science, on public attitudes toward autonomous weapons, sometimes referred to as killer robots, says people who consume a lot of science fiction movies tend to oppose them, but the general public doesn't share that view. 

Five political science professors at the University of Massachusetts were part of a panel to discuss the effects of the recent midterm elections on Tuesday evening. The panel consist of Roberto Alejandro, Justin Gross, Paul Musgrave, Ray La Raja and Meredith Rolfe all bringing a light of their expertise on the midterm elections.

Alex Morse, Professor of Political Science at UMass Amherst and Mayor of the city of Holyoke has been named one of “30 under 30” by Forbes magazine.

With the midterm elections complete, Tatishe Nteta is scouring over election results and voter opinions. The director of UMass Poll, Nteta develops, analyzes, and interprets public opinion polls to inform policymaking in the Commonwealth and beyond. 

Leah Wing, Senior Lecturer in Legal Studies and Co-Director of the The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution is presenting in the International Online Dispute Resolution Forum.

Tatishe Nteta, Politcal Science quoted in the Chronicle for Higher Education about the role of College Degree in voting. He says that in the social sciences, a college degree is more than just a piece of paper. It’s an indicator of a set of networks and worldviews provided by the campus and classroom experience.