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UMass Poll Conducts Survey on Menino Legacy with Boston Globe

The front page of the Sunday (9/1/2013) Boston Globe features a story on a survey of Boston area residents conducted as a partnership between UMass Poll and the Globe. The UMass Poll was founded by Professor Brian Schaffner and is directed by him and Associate Directors La Raja, Barakso, and Nteta. Both Schaffner and La Raja were quoted in the Globe's feature story

The story focuses on the significant optimism and good feelings that Boston area residents have about the city as Mayor Tom Menino prepares to retire. Professor La Raja is quoted in the story:

“Boston is a place where people want to be — that resounds through the metro area,” said Raymond La Raja, associate director of the UMass Poll. “It’s the cultural and intellectual center of the region. It’s the heart of the place. . . . It makes a difference who is leading it as mayor.”

Schaffner was also quoted:

“When an office holder voluntarily retires you get an extra glow,” said Brian F. Schaffner, director of the UMass Poll. “Menino is going to love this poll. People seem pretty enthusiastic about him and very enthusiastic about the city.”

You can read the full story here. And see full results here and here.