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Regine A. Spector is interviewed about her new book

Regine A. Spector, political science, is interviewed about her new book “Order at the Bazaar: Power and Trade in Central Asia. She focuses her research on two bazaars in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and shows how people there build order for themselves within a changing political system that is moving from the Soviet system to capitalism. (, 11/13/17)

In this episode, Nate talks with Regine A. Spector, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, about her book, Order at the Bazaar: Power and Trade in Central Asia

Bazaars, including those in Central Asia, are often treated as sites of chaos –  emblematic of the failure to develop rule of law institutions and in need of state intervention to bring order. In her book, Spector uses extensive interviews and research –  focusing on the Dordoi and Osh bazaars in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – to document how the people who work in bazaars, and some owners of bazaars, have created islands of order. To do so, they draw on Soviet and pre-Soviet traditions to adapt to the disruptive transition from the Soviet system to capitalism. Order at the Bazaar offers a ground-up view on how citizens build order for themselves, and provides a critique of external approaches to institution-building.
Editor’s Note: Nate Schenkkan is the Project Director for Nations in Transit at Freedom House and a veteran host of The Ce​ntral Asianist Podcast. 


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