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Professor Musgrave in Numerous Headlines

Ethics problems in the technology industry, including concerns about privacy, sexism, racism and lack of representation, cannot be solved simply by teaching more humanities courses to future tech leaders, writes Paul Musgrave, political science. (Washington Post, 8/15/19)

While many Americans believe the U.S. is the most powerful, richest and advanced society on Earth, in many ways the U.S. is a “middle-of-the-pack” country, writes Paul Musgrave. He says while the U.S. leads in military strength and overall GDP, in measures including life expectancy, schooling, protecting press freedom, banking procedures and infrastructure, the U.S. does not rank near the top. He also says the belief in America’s greatness makes it harder to adopt successful policies that could fix some of the country’s problems. (Foreign Policy, 8/15/19)

Paul Musgrave says President Donald J. Trump has kept his campaign promise to ignore traditional diplomacy in favor of personalized arguments to American exceptionalism. “From stepping away from the Paris climate change agreement to questioning NATO, to tweeting scornfully about other leaders, Trump has made good on that promise – if we understand ‘greatness’ as doing what makes the U.S. look decisive and self-interested in the shortest of terms,” Musgrave says. (Gen, 8/14/19)

Paul Musgrave is interviewed on the local public affairs program Connecting Point about the recent anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. He says as devastating as that bombing was, modern nuclear weapons are much more powerful, and many countries have them, so if they are used again the results will be many times worse. He also says the development of nuclear weapons has been a very expensive endeavor over many years for the U.S. (WGBY-TV 57, 8/6/19)​

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