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Professor Musgrave mentioned in the media

  • Paul Musgrave, political science, says new sanctions imposed on North Korea aren't likely to harm sensitive parts of the regime. "The likeliest impact on the deeper cuts in petroleum products will be on sectors nonessential to the survival of the regime. That means that the incidence of these cuts will fall hardest on ordinary North Koreans," he says. (Stars and Stripes [from Bloomberg], 12/25/17) - (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [from Bloomberg], 12/31/17)
  • Paul Musgrave, political science, co-authors an analysis of Chinse President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative in Asia and Africa and parallels to Ming dynasty admiral Zheng He, who led treasure fleets to Southeast Asia, India and Africa as part of an effort by Emperor Yongle to legitimize his throne by having foreign rulers recognize his superiority in return for gifts. "Xi has staked significant political capital on his ability to shepherd China's emergence as a world power. There's an irony that the treasure fleets—an effort to bolster the legitimacy of a ruler worried about his job security—now underpin a mythology legitimating a similar effort," write Musgrave and co-author David Nexon of Georgetown University. "Demonstrating his success to domestic audiences requires visible steps that garner corresponding recognition—both welcoming and wary—from abroad." (The Diplomat, 12/22/17

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