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Sheldon Goldman, political science, says President Donald J. Trump has been very successful in getting conservative judges appointed to the federal courts. “From the conservative perspective, it is a great triumph, a great victory,” Goldman says. “Trump may talk about great success with North Korea or Russia and the like. We know that’s not credible, but when he talks about the judiciary, that credible. He has made a great difference. It’s an absolute phenomenon, really.”

A news story looking at the lack of diversity in the field of candidates running for the newly created Amherst Town Council cites data from a study of the town’s voters and members of Town Meeting conducted in 2014 by Ray La Raja, political science, and Wouter Van Erve, a doctoral student in political science. One of the few renters and young people running for the council is Amherst native John Page, 21, who will be a UMass Amherst senior next year. (Gazette, 7/17/18)

Political Science major wins 2nd prize in Foreign Policy Association’s student essay competition

Clara Silverstein, a political science major, has been awarded 2nd prize in the Foreign Policy Association’s (FPA) 2018 Student Essay and Video competition. Students from all around the country were invited by the FPA to submit an essay or video on the topic: “What is America’s biggest challenge in the world?”

Paul Collins, director of legal studies, comments on the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and what lies ahead for the nomination and confirmation procedures of his successor on the court.

Basileus Zeno, Ph.D. student is quoted in an article published by Al-Bawaba News (which is one of the largest independent news outlets in the Middle East/based in Jordan). 

Paul Musgrave, political science, cited in several news outlets about questioning comments by Secretary of Defense James Mattis and on the recent travel ban!

Did you know that Lewis Mainzer, professor emeritus of the UMass Amherst Department of Political Science and a good friend of the School of Public Policy at UMass Amherst, is also a poet? Check out his latest collection, which includes poems about Amherst poet Emily Dickinson, from Levellers Press.
The Jones Library just published a short interview with Emeritus Professor Lewis Mainzer and his "second career" as a poet!


Are conspiracy theories now mainstream? A CNN interview with Professor Musgrave from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Rob Brotherton, author of "Suspicious Minds" join to discuss.

Paul Musgrave, political science, co-authors a piece examining the use of American troops as a “tripwire force” in South Korea, and how a reduction in their numbers may impact public opinion regarding U.S. intervention in the region in the event of a crisis. (Washington Post, 6/8/18)

Recent research from Brian Schaffner and Jesse Rhodes, political science, on the number of Obama’s voters from 2012 who switched to the Republican side in 2016 is cited in an article about the Democratic party’s platform priorities. (Vox, 5/30/18)