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Professor Frederic Schaffer is a keynote speaker at the 20th International Conference on Conceptual History in Oslo

Professor Frederic Schaffer will deliver a keynote address at the 20th International Conference on Conceptual History, “Concepts in the World: Politics, Knowledge, and Time,” to be hosted by the University of Oslo, Norway on September 21-23, 2017. 

During the last two decades the History of Concepts, inspired by German Begriffsgeschichte ​and Cambridge-school intellectual history, has grown into a global scholarly enterprise. Few other approaches are as conducive to dialogues across disciplinary and lingusitic borders. In addition to taking stock of cutting-edge scholarship in the field the year's conference has a threefold focus: on studies of entanglements between cultures and traditions by means of translation and cross-linguistic comparison; furthermore, on how conceptual history is able to identify and analyze the multiple temporalities of human life and history; and, finally,  on the interface between the history of concepts and the history of knowledge by giving attention to concepts used to gain new knowledge, defend old, or make claims to truth and authority. In dealing with these and and other questions, speakers will present new and critical engagements with the Eurocentric, modernist, and historicist biases at work in the project of conceptual history.


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