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Professor Brian Schaffner weighs in on shifting trends in political polling

Associate Professor of Political Science, Brian Schaffner contributes to the growing discussion over polling in the United States. Due to a steady decline in the use of traditional land line phones, pollsters no longer acquire an accurate data set representing an appropriate cross-section of the American electorate. Schaffner, quoted in a recent news article on clarifies the issue, "People who can be reached by land lines tend to be older, have families, and are more connected to their communities." This contrasts directly with the reality that the younger the voter, the less likely a land line is available to poll that voter through.

Addressing this new reality, some polling organizations have begun to include cell phones in their polling. Other organizations do not include cell phones, potentially causing inaccurate polling data. Professor Schaffner goes on to discuss the issue as it relates to the current election, for more please click here.

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