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Prof. Carpenter questioned about the coming elections

Professor Carpenter's expertise is published in a WalletHub article titled "2018’s States with the Most and Least Powerful Voters for the Midterms" by  Adam McCann, Financial Writer.

WH: What reforms should be considered to make elections fairer?
CC: A simple reform that would enormously benefit democracy in this country would be to make Election Day a national holiday. The current US system tips the scales against working people, busy families, and anyone in an occupation where they do not have significant flex-time - and this favors the wealthy.

Should there be a non-partisan Federal Commission that would organize and supervise the voting process or should voting procedures be left to the states?

Given the amount of perceived corruption at the federal level, it is unlikely that such a commission would increase the faith of the electorate in our voting procedures. On the other hand, political scientists have found that international election monitoring has improved democratic outcomes in many countries. So if there were going to be oversight over our voting procedures I would argue it should come from the international community.

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