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Paul Musgrave Open-Ed in the Washington Post and more!

Paul Musgrave writes an op-ed in The Washington Post where he argues that conspiracy theories, including the QAnon theory that has recently been getting a lot of media attention, are for losers. He says the fact that people who support Donald Trump are believing in this conspiracy theory show that Trumpism is built on the politics of resentment. Musgrave also says because Trump has not delivered on his main promises to his supporters, including a wall on the Mexican border, repeal of the Affordable Care Act and new jobs for blue-collar workers, belief in an alternative reality is easier than accepting disappointment. (Washington Post, 8/2/18)

Paul Musgrave comments in a story about how President Donald J. Trump’s willingness to meet with other foreign leaders without strict preconditions is emerging as one of his better instincts. “Engaging in personal diplomacy with what we use to call rogue states comes to be seen as blessing or approving of those states’ character,” he says. Caring too much about a president meeting with an adversary “leads to poisonous atmospheres and creates expectations that pretty much any form of contact between the U.S. government and the pariah regime is toxic,” Musgrave says. (Vox, 7/31/18)

Paul Musgrave is interviewed on Connecting Point about The North Atlantic Treaty Organization—or NATO. But what caused the formation of this nearly 70-year-old alliance and why is it so important to world affairs? For context on the history of NATO and its role on the workd stage, Carrie Saldo spoke with Paul Musgrave, an American Foreign Policy Expert and assistant professor at UMass Amherst. (WGBY, 07/08/2018)

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