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Paul Musgrave in the news

An article about the top 2020 Democratic presidential candidates’ positions on foreign policy quotes Paul Musgrave. He says former Vice President Joe Biden is running as the “Obama candidate,” with the belief that the United States and its institutions may need some fixing but are basically sound. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders take the stance that the U.S. and its institutions need to be reformed in order to reduce the concentration of wealth globally. (Al Jazeera, 7/30/19)

Professor Musgrave was recently featured on Connecting Point. Following eight weeks of unrest, tensions in Hong Kong boiled over this weekend. Hong Kong protesters clashed with authorities leading to more than 60 arrests. The protests have been condemned by China’s central government, which assumed control of the former British colony in 1997. What’s behind the unrest in Hong Kong, and what does the future hold? (Connecting Point, 7/29/19)


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